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Over 50 years of history of pleasure – Caotina

The history of Caotina begins in the bitterly cold winter of 1963, a winter so cold that Lake Constance froze over and the people of Switzerland longed for only one thing: a little warmth for heart and soul. It was precisely in this winter that the chocolate side of life was invented – Caotina. “Something new, something fine – for her, for him … …for everyone!”. This is how the first slogan advertises the sensual drinking pleasure made of the finest Swiss chocolate. You could also say “forever”.

Because it is not only during the cold season that Caotina provides the much longed-for moments of pleasure. Even in summer, the unique cocoa drink in cold milk is a refreshing change. No wonder that the story of Caotina continues as successfully as it began a long time ago.